Sunday, 30 June 2013

Rachel's Recording

A short take from my recording session with a few actors. I really liked what we came up with. The actors were really up for doing the own interpretations of characters and gave me a lot to work with. I will be designing more character based on this session. I may post up more takes. Link - Rachel's recording

The Audition

The Audition is the name of the short animated film that I will be making. The theme of the animation will be looking at the character and how he acts . It will put an emphasis the performance of characters and the role they inhabit. By looking at what makes a performance of any character compelling I hope to gain a better understanding of character acting and how to give a character that little bit of life that come across in all well animated characters. I will be using different voice actors who will all be reading from the same script, this will reinforce the idea of character and how each one is different. I really want to explore how actors can read a character differently and the character is dependent on the actor or in the case of animation animators.

I intend to gain a better insight of character acting by looking at certain animators of great characters. I will also work alongside actors with experiance in performing, to see how they get into character and see how they work and to see how they can add to the characters.

I think Bill Kroyer said it perfectly when he said  

"The whole idea of putting a soul in a character is the thing that an animator lives for. It really is a god like feeling to start with an inanimate object and do something to give it a life""So at the end of the day we really don't care what [a character] looks like as long as it connects with you; as long as it moves emotionally; as long as you believe [it contains] a soul."

At the end of the day I want to have something that connects with its audience. That when they watch them they believe in that character. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

The character designs I'm going with for my short animation. May add too the roster but for now here are my actors. I will give them each there own character reference sheet soon